S'more Barque Team Fun

The Barque Team is always down for s'more fun... and last year we had the BEST time at our little outing at At'l Do Farms.  Even though it was a little chilly, we successfully completed the corn maze, then gathered around our own private campfire. 

If you've never been out to At'l Do Farms - you should go!  It's a great place to visit in the Fall.  They have the corn maze to explore, small animals for the kids to pet and more.  It's a beautiful little place just a bit outside of town, but it's still easy to get to.

This is the invitation for our party - I wanted to use some fun, non-traditional Fall colors.

Of course we had to take a few pics of the team using the props on the farm.

The corn maze was fun but harder than it seemed - even with a map, if you get a little bit off, you really need someone (preferably a tall someone) who can help you navigate it. 

 After the maze, we gathered around the campfire we had reserved to warm up - it gets VERY chilly after dark this time of year!

We made dinner easy by providing chips and sandwiches in individual boxes (with a YUM sticker to make it cute of course).

This was our "Sticky Station" - who knew that all of these items would become so coveted in 2020?!?

For dessert, the team enjoyed a s'mores bar with gourmet marshmallows, candy, fruit and more toppings. The marshmallows are available HERE.

We also loved having color-coded telescopic roasting sticks, which were great for knowing which one was yours...  we loved them so much in fact that we ordered them this year!  You can get your set of 12 roasting sticks HERE.

We also sipped on hot cocoa from our custom Barque paper cups to keep warm by the fire.


 What a great night with this aMAZing Barque Team!  I feel tremendously blessed to have these amazing people in my life and on my team - they're incredible!