Signature Gift Wrap - Making Kids Parties Easy

Are your weekends filled with kids birthday parties?  It can be quite a task to find an inexpensive (yet thoughtful) gift, a birthday card AND something to wrap it with... especially when the party starts in an hour.  Let us introduce you to a concept that's going to make your birthday party rounds MUCH easier...

Signature Gift Wrap

What is that exactly?  It's like having personalized stationery, but for your gifts.  When you have a gift to give, you wrap it in YOUR style.  The beauty of having a signature gift wrap is it's easy, it saves you time (and ultimately money), but it also saves you from the stress of scrambling to pull together a cute kid's gift before every party.

Here's the trick to signature gift wrap:

1.  Choose a them and stick with it.  Pick something that jives with your child's personality

2.  Stock up on the elements to create an adorable package

3.  Crank out those kid's birthday gifts like a machine

Party after party, your package can be a standout on the gift table, and you won't have to stress or waste time of putting it together.  In fact, once you streamline the process, gift wrapping for parties will seem effortless.  You'll confidently pull together an adorable gift within minutes and still have it look like you spent waaaay too much time on Pinterest. 

No more feeling like you're "re-inventing the wheel" by wrapping every single package in a different way - we promise it's okay  - not every gift "for a girl" has to be wrapped in girly stuff.  When a present for a girl is from a boy, it's perfectly fine to wrap it in something that fits his personality - we think it makes the gift even more personal.

To Get Started:  Choose Your Theme

We just debuted NEW personalized gift tags for kids, so we think that's the perfect place to start for designing your child's signature gift wrap.  The tags are small, affordable (as low as 0.45 each!), and personalized, so you can skip buying a card all together (look at you saving money already, wink wink). 

You can see all the designs on our website HERE, but keep scrolling if you want inspiration for how to use them.  We've come up with several easy (yet creative) ways to make your gifts stand out without breaking the bank. Not into wrapping boxes?  A few options show how you can use them with gift bags too. 

This process can be as easy or elaborate as you want it to be - the point is to make a plan.

Once you've picked your signature gift wrap style, stock up and enjoy the ease of one less decision to make for that next party.  You may be thinking it sounds expensive - but hang with us - you'll be surprised to discover that the cost is very reasonable.  Plus, when you factor in the loads of time and stress it will save - it's well worth the investment.

And now for your signature gift wrap inspiration:

{donut gift tag + hot pink polka dot wrapping paper (had on hand) + teal sheer ribbon (also had on hand)} {cactus gift tag + hot pink twill ribbon ($2 per roll at Michaels) + wrapping paper ($1 per roll at Michaels) + tiny clothespin ($8 for 325 qty at Michaels)} {robot gift tag + wrapping paper ($4 per roll at Walgreens, also reversible) + yellow raffia + a 1.5" bolt from the hardware store} {guitar gift tag + zebra gift wrap ($1 per roll at Dollar General) + picture hanging wire ($3 for the kit with lots of wire)} {dog gift tag + blue gift bag ($1 each at Dollar General) + red striped ribbon + red tissue ($1 at Dollar General for several sheets)... see how much a few little touches liven up a plain colored gift sack?} {bulldozer gift card + white gift wrap (had on hand) + CAUTION tape ($5 for a huge roll at Ace Hardware) + tiny bit of twine and double-sided tape to keep everything in place} {rainbow gift tag + green dot gift wrap ($1 per roll at Dollar General) + rainbow ribbon ($5 for the spool at Michaels) - one of the easiest to do but that ribbon makes a big impact, so it's worth the splurge!} {crab gift tag + red gift wrap ($4 per roll at Walgreens) + black parachute cord ($7 at Ace Hardware for a good length, probably enough for 3 or 4 packages) tied in nautical knots for detail} {sports gift tag + black/white stripe gift wrap (had on hand, but this would also be cute with any specific sports-themed paper) + orange raffia} {lion gift tag + orange/yellow striped gift wrap ($1 per roll at Michaels) + blue ruffled ribbon ($4 per roll at Michaels)} {sailboat gift tag + colorful gift wrap ($1 per roll at Michaels) + turquoise wired ribbon ($4 per roll at Michaels) - for this one, we just punched another hole at the bottom of the tag and used it to thread the ribbon for a different look - easy and cute!  Plus, when you're not wrapping the ribbon all the way around the package, that roll goes a little further.} {pirate hat gift tag + patterned gift wrap ($1 at Michaels) + cut up fisherman's netting from the party store - if you cut it into strips, you could get a lot out of one net!} {crown gift tag + leopard gift wrap ($1 per roll at Dollar General) + hot pink tulle ($3 per spool at Michaels)} {turtle gift tag + white wrapping paper (had on hand) + green dot satin ribbon ($2.50 per roll at Michaels)} {floral gift tag + pink dot scalloped gift bag ($10 for 10 bags at Michaels) + floral stem (on sale for $4.50 at Michaels, bundle of 8 flowers, which works out to about .55 per stem) + dotted satin ribbon ($3 per roll at Michaels) + ivory tissue paper (had on hand)}

So many simple ways to personalize gifts from your kid...and they're really fun too!  Your kid might just gain a reputation for having the coolest gift wrap around. 

Pick out your favorite gift tag HERE and get started!