New Fall Stationery? Check.

buffalo check stationery Buffalo check, in fact. This summer we basked in the glory of cabana stripes, but as we transition into fall - we knew it was time to switch things up a bit.  The design inspiration for this collection came from a few different sources.  First, the current series of Target commercials.  They're just so... PLAID (and fun)!  In fact, once we noticed their commercials, we started seeing plaids/checks everywhere (including Glamour magazine and this great calendar from 1 Canoe 2). 1Canoe2 Calendar A simple plaid or check pattern is perfect for fall.  It reminds us of flannel shirts, cozy wool blankets by a bonfire, or a stunning statement jacket. Can you dig it?  If so, pick up your initial for just $12 (10 cards and envelopes), and if you need a quick gift - add a matching Le Pen for just $1.99! buffalo check stationery Want to see the Target commercials that got our creative juices flowing? this and this and this Save