Garden Floral Arrangement How To

For Shannon's garden-themed bridal shower, the floral arrangements were one of my favorite details, so I thought I would share a few tips for creating your own. To Start You'll want plenty of fresh flowers in the color scheme of your choice.  I got these beauties from Box of Rain - a fun mix of roses, lilies, hydrangeas and greenery. Garden Floral Arrangement DIY on barquegifts.comYou'll also need You'll also need some gorgeous root vegetables for color.  We used carrots, turnips, radishes, artichokes, asparagus, and brussels sprout.  But whatever looks beautiful at your grocery will be stunning in this arrangement!  You can also throw in different types of greens like kale, Swiss chard or collard greens.  The variety of textures will really look nice with the flowers. You'll also need wooden kabab sticks and heavy duty scissors to cut them to your desired length. First, wash and dry all of the veggies. Garden Floral Arrangement DIY on barquegifts.comGet a Cage You'll also need a pre-made Oasis "caged foam base" from your local florist or craft store.  Cut a hole in the bottom of the plastic.  Then insert the carrots from below (leaving room for the flowers on top).  Before you start arranging, soak the Oasis foam until it's nice and absorbed.  This will help keep your flowers hydrated and looking great. Gathering the carrots by their stems and tying them about 1-2 inches above the tops with either twine or wire.  It needs to be tight so you can "strip off" the ends of the stems.  As long as it's tight, they will still stay bundled together.  Place the carrot bundle in your desired glass vase and fill with water.  From the top, insert a wooden skewer into the carrot bundle.  You want it to stick up a little so that you can secure it in the foam. Garden Floral Arrangement DIY on After cutting a hole in the oasis cage, you should be able to set it on top of the carrot bundle/skewer. Garden Floral Arrangement DIY on I secured mine in place with a little duct tape (only because I was out of floral tape), but don't worry - you won't be able to see it once the arrangement is complete. Arrange the Flowers Use the larger flowers cutting their stems on the diagonal as you insert them into the Oasis foam, then slowly go back and fill in the vegetables, using the sharp end of the skewer to pierce the "base" of the vegetable and cutting the length of the skewer to fit as needed.  Keep adding flowers, vegetables and greenery - regularly turning the arrangement so you can make sure it's even all the way around.  (Don't forget to add a little more water once you're done - you don't want those flowers to wilt!) Garden Floral Arrangement DIY on barquegifts.comWhen you're finished, you'll have this fun and unique floral arrangement that's perfect for showers, garden parties, an elegant summer dinner or Easter lunch! For more photos of arrangements like this, see the full post about Shannon's Shower here.