Easy Easter Candy Cups

Need several quick, easy and affordable Easter gifts?  We love this idea!  They're great for teachers, neighbors, co-workers or friends (and they cost less than $5 each)!

For this project you will need:

Easter foam cups (we think these "You're Some Bunny Sweet" ones are just perfect - and a sleeve of 10 cups is just $7.99)

candy (these chocolate covered eggs were just $2.99 per bag)

white crinkle shred (or plastic Easter basket grass)

a few sheets of white copy paper, wadded up into a loose ball

ribbon (approximately 12" each if you're tying a bow)

Easter gift tag (ours are available i the store for just .99 each)

cellophane wrap sheets or plastic sleeves  

First, separate the sleeve of foam cups.  Take one cup and gently stuff a wadded up sheet of copy paper in the bottom - this will make it strong so the candy can stay near the top of the cup.  Add a handful of the crinkle shred on top to make it about the same height as the cup rim. {Note:  You could also use the plastic grass instead of crinkle shred for this part - you just need a little "nest" for the candy.} Add the desired candy on top, slip the entire cup with candy into a plastic sleeve (or gently wrap it up in cellophane), add the ribbon and tie on the tag.  Easy - and SO cute! BONUS IDEA:  These would make great favors for an Easter Party!