Dos & Tres Fiesta!

When our sweet customer Casey needed invitations for her son and daughter's joint birthday party (turning 2 and 3, respectively), she threw out the idea of a hand-painted cactus theme, and I loved it!  Although it would have been easier to use stock artwork, I couldn't find what I had in mind for this project, so I decided to paint my own.  I'll admit, I'm a little rusty when it comes to watercolor, but in the end Casey was happy, so I was too.  In fact, it was kinda fun to play with the different cactus plant shapes and  incorporate blues and pinks together (and even a watercolor striped pattern on the back).  With invitations to set the tone for the event, Casey went all out to make her party perfectly festive with little details... which just happens to be our favorite thing EVER!  Check out some of her pics from the party, and maybe you'll be  inspired to throw a little Fiesta of your own.  Heck, I bet we could even help you with invitations for that.  ;)    (PS - we told you cacti were going to be HOT this year!  Casey, this theme is perfection.) 17015271_10154404898456238_915290667_o 16990083_10154404902256238_650403153_oWe love this spread with the photos mixed in - it makes it personal and fun. 17016504_10154404899591238_1419728797_oThat cake table is everything. 17015250_10154404898156238_690962516_oThere's that custom invitation - so happy with how it turned out. 17016221_10154404899151238_1080710547_oSo impressed with these cakes by Lisa's Sweet Designs in Lamesa... and the incredible cookies decorated by Casey herself!  (Color us impressed.) 17148899_10154427284721238_591768267_o 17200436_10154427292386238_628020812_o(Sparkler 3 cake candle brought to you by Barque) 17175876_10154427278901238_740970558_oHow fun are these party favors?  Love the snakes! 17148789_10154427277376238_1231913327_o(1)Adorable mantle-scape - we love the tassel garland, pinata, photo... all of it! 17149023_10154427277601238_609334305_oEverything about this party is on point - from the tassels on the balloons to the colorful tissue garland, to the bright paper flag garland.  Swoon! 17148775_10154427279146238_417139049_oLove this - it's just so simple.  Beer and not beer. 17193730_10154427278386238_636209590_oAlso  a must - water and margaritas. 17142516_10154427295441238_797026405_oOf course no fiesta is one without a pinata... 17193793_10154427278151238_2054215079_oand one super cute family... Thank you Casey for letting us help with the invitations to your amazing soiree!  We feel so honored to even have a small part in this shindig, and we hope Bennet and Jennings have many more memorable parties to come! xoxo, Kandice and the Barque Team P.S. - here's a behind-the-scenes look at the cacti painting session: IMG_4326sm Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save