DIY Turf Tailgate Runner

Fall is here!  Well, technically it doesn't feel  like it yet since temps are in the 90's, but the arrival of September means that at least it's on the way!  If you're a fan of the ultimate pastime of pre-gaming, then this easy DIY is right up your alley.  It's the perfect accessory for any tailgate (or football party in general) - an adorable turf runner.  (Photo credit:  Linda McMillan Photography)

DIY Turf Tailgate Runner

For this project, you will need:

6x8 astroturf rug (purchased ours at Home Depot - they have pre-cut ones in the outdoor department)

gloss white spray paint

packaged stencil set

a manila folder

scissors 1. Measure your tailgate (or table that you plan to use the runner on).  Cut the rug to the desired dimensions.  I folded mine over to use the clean edge as my "straight edge" and I just cut along the fold. 2.  Cut out a thin rectangle in the manila folder, approximately 1 inch x 6 inches.  I used the fold of the folder as a guide so that at least one of my sides would be straight. 3.  Starting in the middle of the turf, position the manila folder at the bottom edge of the rug.  (You may also want to protect the surface the rug is on with a plastic tarp or paper - I used some leftover wrapping paper.)  Spray the paint to create a stripe. 4.  Repeat step 3 on either side of the first stripe, about 1 foot apart.  I only painted the stripes on one side of my runner, but if you're making it for a table or want the stripes and numbers on both sides, you'll want to do all of the stripes at this stage. 5.  Once you're done creating the stripes, cut the manila folder in half.  At this point we're just recycling, so you always have the option of using another folder or piece of cardstock instead.  Position the number stencil at the bottom edge of the folder and trace the outline. Remove the stencil and cut slightly INSIDE the outline. 6. Place the protecting folder and stencil next to your painted stripes - the 5, 4 or 3 on the left side and the 0 always on the right side - and spray the numbers.  (If you need help, google search what a football field looks like so you can mimic it.) 7.  Once the paint is dry, you have a festive addition to your Game Day Tailgate (or Table). An easy addition to your football decor that adds a lot of flair?  Touchdown!