DIY Sprinkle Flower Arrangement

We love this idea for a SPRINKLE themed floral arrangement, and it was easy to do! Supplies needed: 2 vases (or a vase and a cup - one that fits inside the other) a cardboard box sprinkles spray adhesive (Industrial grade 3M Hi-Strength 90 Contact Adhesive) a strip of paper, long enough to wrap all the way around when sandwiched between the two vases flowers First, place one vase (or clear cup) inside the other.  Then cut a strip of paper that can go all the way around between the two - you might even want it to be half an inch or inch longer, just to make sure that there are no gaps. The trick to getting the sprinkles to stick is to keep them from getting too wet (if so, they'll melt).  I found that if you use industrial strength adhesive, it shoots out more of a "webbing" glue instead of a liquid, so it works just fine. Place the strip of paper inside the cardboard box.  Spray the adhesive on the paper, making sure to cover it well. Then add the sprinkles... I had two different containers that I combined - brown and colorful. Once the whole paper is covered, let dry.  Then you put it inside the outer vase - taping the ends together inside if necessary. See?  it's so cute from the side. Make your arrangement in the second (inner) vase or cup with water, then gently place it inside the first.  Done (and oh-so-sweet)!