Custom Ribbon

One of our favorite "cheater" moves for dressing up a holiday package is to add custom ribbon to it.

Gift Wrap Hack:  Personalized Ribbbon

a)  It gives the impression that you planned ahead, because you had to order the ribbon (clearly) - even if the gift you're using to wrap it with was just purchased.

b)  It screams that you're an "attention to detail" kind of person (which only creates excitement about the gift it adorns)

c)  It dresses up anything you need to give- from a simple bottle of wine to a wrapped package or gift bag with tissue. Basically, custom ribbon is a handy trick all year 'round (think Wedding and Birthday gifts too!), but it's a great way to enhance your holiday gifts this season.

The ribbon is available in a variety of sizes (3/8", 5/8", 7/8" or 1.5" wide, $70 - $101), colors and ink colors.  Turnaround time is less than two weeks, so you still have plenty of time to get yourself a few rolls before the holiday season is in full swing!

Come by the store or call us for more information about custom ribbon:  806-785-1195