Clever Candle Gift in 3 Easy Steps

One of our favorite gift ideas this holiday season involves our favorite candle paired with an unexpected surprise - custom matches! This ideas is so simple (and genius), we can't believe we've never done it before!   It requires 3 easy steps, which we can help you with. Clever Candle Gift in 3 Easy Steps Stock up on your favorite candles to give as holiday gifts (don't forget to grab a few extra for "backup"). Order custom match boxes or match books from us at Barque (prices range from $37 - $44 for 50 quantity or $48 - $62 for 100 quantity).  Try to come up with a clever phrase you can use that includes candle-like qualities - "warm", "glow/glowing", "sparkly", etc.  We can help you come up with the right message, but if it comes from you, it will be that much more personal and delightful for your recipient. Use twine or ribbon to tie your custom matches onto the candle (or even the outside of the wrapped package). It's a fun add-on to your gift, it's useful, and it doubles as a gift tag too.  This idea is definitely one we'll be using this season! BARQUE BONUS IDEA:  Wouldn't this concept be cute for birthday gifts too? Your message could read:  "Happy Birthday!  Hope your year ahead sparkles as much as you do.  Love, Tina & John"