Cinco de Mayo Custom Invitations

It's no secret that designing invitations for a Mexican/Fiesta themed party is one of my favorite tasks (evidence here and here), and luckily this year Cinco de Mayo is on a weekend, which means we were able to design a LOT of custom invitations for various celebrations!  Here are just a handful of fun custom designs I was able to do this year: A Cinco de Bayou Crawfish Boil!  Love the theme (and the sombrero on the crawfish!) I jumped at the chance to do these invitations for a "Cinco de Maie-O" graduation party.  The guest of honor's name is Maie, so I thought the hostesses did a great job of putting that clever theme together.  It includes Mayan and traditional Mexican architectural elements, with the addition of bright colors and flowers. I also love how this gatefold Quinceanera invitation turned out. The guest of honor's favorite color is purple, so we recreated a purple paper flag on the front. And additional information on purple panels on the inside. This simple graduation Fiesta design was also fun. Do you see how some of the same elements can be used in completely different ways?  Like the colorful Mexican flowers and the paper flags?  And just the use of bright colors too - they look completely different on a black background than they do on a white one. No matter how you're celebrating this weekend, we hope it's FESTIVE! Save Save Save Save