Buttermilk Biscuit Basics

At the store, we love the buttermilk biscuit mix from Callie's.  They make making biscuits easy and delicious (plus they make a great gift when paired with our local Kelle B Jams)! If you're a biscuit pro, you might not need any tips, but if you're a biscuit newbie, we want to share our best biscuit tips with you. IMG_4457sm First, start with our pre-packaged mix and add COLD butter.  And with a pastry cutter, keep breaking it up until it becomes crumbly in the mix. IMG_4459sm See those "crumbles"?  That's the look you're going for.  Now do the same thing with the cream cheese (amount specified on the package). Next you want to add buttermilk.  Don't have any buttermilk?  No problem, you can use regular milk, just add lemon juice and stir until it becomes a thicker texture and more curdled. IMG_4467sm Slowly add to the biscuit mixture and combine. IMG_4472sm It will look very sticky and wet.  Don't panic. IMG_4475sm Turn the dough out on a biscuit-floured surface, and use extra mix to knead the dough gently (just so it's not sticky). IMG_4478sm Now you want to carefully roll out the dough, folding it back over itself and keeping the thickness about 1/2 inch or more. IMG_4479sm Roll and fold, roll and fold (and turn as necessary). IMG_4480sm See how rectangular it looks?  That's a good thing. IMG_4481sm See how folding and rolling creates layers like this?  That's a VERY good thing - that's where your flaky layers come from!  Next, cut the biscuits with a floured cutter and place on a parchment-lined cookie sheet.  **Make sure that the biscuits are touching - they're like little soldiers, so they need to stand shoulder to shoulder to rise properly - this is very important!** IMG_4482sm Brush with melted butter. IMG_4484sm And pop in the 450 degree oven.  You'll end up cooking them 14-16 minutes, but set a timer after 12 so you keep a close eye on how brown they get (and turn around the pan if necessary to promote even cooking). IMG_4485sm Look at how beautifully they rise!  And those layers!  (all the heart eyes) IMG_4486sm Once your biscuits are golden brown on top, they're done. IMG_4489sm Quickly remove them from the pan with a spatula and move them to a basket with a towel to keep warm. IMG_4494sm Perfection. IMG_4491sm Seriously.  Look. At. Those. Layers.  Aren't you glad you took the time to make that magic happen? Now, you just have to pop open a few jars of Kelle B Jam, slather on extra butter, and you're all set!  Delicious buttermilk biscuit perfection. We think you'll love how easy (and tasty) they are.  You might even enjoy them so much that you decide to host your own Biscuit Bar Brunch?  Oh yeah.   Save Save Save Save Save