Behind the Scenes: Patriotic Cups

Over July 4th weekend last year, when I had the red, white and blue on the brain, I was inspired to design our newest patriotic foam cups.  The first idea came from an Ashley Furniture commercial. I thought the concept was simple but would be cute and definitely translate... so I sketched my own version: The second inspiration came from an older gentleman at the grocery store (who I assumed was a veteran).  His navy cap had USA across the front with a star on each side and three thin stripes below the letters (all the way across).  I didn't take a photo of him (I didn't have a way that I could take one discreetly), but when I got to my car, I did a quick sketch of the idea on the back of my grocery receipt.  Here's what I sketched: And then drew in Illustrator... I've been excited to print these designs for 10 months, so I'm thrilled that they are finally ready!  With Memorial Day around the corner, we have both options ready and available for your cookout needs!  Order in-store or by phone (yes, we ship!):  806-785-1195