Behind the Scenes - Ole!

In Texas, we throw a lot of Fiestas - for any occasion - birthday, retirement, graduation, engagement, couples shower, baby shower... just about any occasion can justify a Mexican-themed party.  So we are constantly needing new and fresh fiesta invitation designs to offer customers. This design was inspired by a throw pillow.  Yes, as odd as it sounds, I've been loving the colors on this pillow on my chair ever since I got it.  A few weeks ago, while designing this Mexican fiesta invitation: I thought to myself:  "What other things could I put behind the letters?" (other than the Mexican paper flag designs).  It occurred to me that colorful stripes might do the trick - in an arrangement that I already know is pleasing to the eye.  Ding!  My favorite throw pillow. The colors are bright, but arranged in layers with similar tones - purples and pink and reds, then shades of green, then red/orange/yellow.  The gradation of color is cheerful and festive, so it's perfect for a fiesta!  On a whim at the last minute, I added a pinata silhouette (also bearing the stripe)... And then I created this variation too: With the addition of a colored envelope and these adorable flag stamps from the post office, it looks quite festive!  What do you think?  Would you use this for your next Fiesta? Save Save