Behind the Scenes "Barbie Hands" Gift Tag

Barbie Hands Grad Gift Tags at We needed a new gift tag for graduation this year, and I thought that something girly would be fun, so I sketched out this quick idea - a few grad caps and confetti in the air with outstretched arms below.  (You can't tell what that is?  ha!) Almost any designer will tell you that it's tricky to draw hands - in fact, it's downright hard to draw realistic-looking ones - so I opted to go for plastic "mittens" (four fingers together + separate thumb) in Barbie-like poses.  To get ideas for hand positions, I did what we do in this age of technology - googled "Barbie hands".  Have you ever done that?  It's shocking how many people make jewelry with Barbie body parts (and frankly it's a bit disturbing)!  Luckily, there was some useful inspiration for the arm/hand placement. Barbie Hands Grad Gift Tags at For the grad caps, I used artwork on an existing custom invitation, adjusted the tassels for gravity and variety, added some confetti, the letters for CONGRATS, then made the skin tones vary. Barbie Hands Grad Gift Tags at It turned out even better than I had planned, so we've printed folded notes to sell in packages of 10 as well. Here's the final product, what do you think? Hope you enjoyed this little behind-the-scenes peek.  Grab the products in person, in-store. Cheers, Kandice