Amber's Baby Sprinkle

What do you do when you want to show a Momma a little love before her second baby arrives?  You can't have full-blown baby shower... so you have a baby SPRINKLE instead!  We had the pleasure of designing the custom invitations and envelope liners for Amber's Sprinkle, and it looks like those sprinkles inspired a lot of cute details for this celebration! Plenty of sweet treat options for the guests Like fruit salad served in waffle cups (with white chocolate and sprinkles)... And cupcakes... and chocolate covered strawberries (both with sprinkles of course)... Don't worry, there were savory options too - meat, cheese, crackers and lemony basil goat cheese dip (always a favorite - get the recipe here) Love these adorable custom napkins to match the invitations! And these floral arrangements are just so sweet.  See how to make them here. (And more sprinkles) Nice bag you've got there, Amber!  (wink wink)  We wish you all the best with Baby #2!